Natural Clear Skin

Natural Clear Skin




There comes a time in most of our lives that we begin to think about how we get clearer, younger looking skin. There are lot of expensive creams on the market that proclaim to help generate younger looking skin but you can get great results natuarally without having to spend too much money. Helping your skin to look younger isn’t a five minute process, it takes time and is something that you need to continue doing if you want to see any success.
Beauty Salons Cornwall have come up with ten steps to getting clearer skin naturally.

1. Try to get a good night sleep. Your body needs sleep to be properly rested and giving your body the sleep it needs will result in your skin becoming healthier. People tend to need differing amounts of sleep but try to get in the minimum seven hours and this will stop any issues with dark circles under the eyes or even loose skin.

2. Take advantage of the fresh air. Going out for a walk or a ride on the bike does wonders for the skin. Not only is your skin getting air you are also getting exercise and the boost this gives you will also help your skin.

3. The food you eat effects your skin. Thats right, you are what you eat. Try to make sure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eating foods that digest easily will help your body nourish your skin and also create new cell growth. Another good practice is to only eat red meat three or four times a week at most. Lastly, but no means least, drink plenty of water.

4. It is important to keep your skin clean. You should be cleansing your face in the morning and at night with a natural cleanser. This should remove dirt from the skin and also treat it with an antibacterial agent.

5. Follow up cleansing with a toning. Once you have cleansed your skin give a gentle pat dry. Once the skin is dry, spray a fine toner over your face which will cool it and close the pores while the skin is still clean. Let this spray dry on the face naturally, don’t wipe it off.

6. Moisturizer should follow toner. When the sprayed toner has dried naturally, add some womanmoisturizer. You should only be applying a very small amount and you will want one that is designed for problem skin types and contains an antibacterial ingredient. This type of ingredient is great for clearing up the skin.

7. Cleanse you body and facial skin with a scrub once a week. When you are due for your weekly scrub, the place to start is at your feet and work towards your heart, The reason for this is that it will help to remove the toxins, whereas going the opposite way you are in danger of the toxins being pushed back into your system.

8. Try a monthly steam treatment. A facial steam is great for drawing out any impurities from the skin. You can go to a salon or get a machine to do it for you but there is an alternative you can try at home. All that is required is boiling water in a bowl with a few drops of natural oils. With a towel over your head, put your face over the bowl, making sure the steam doesn’t burn your face.

9. Take fish oil supplements. Fish oil will help remove any toxins from the body and this will lead to alot healthier looking skin.

10. Use a face mask. A face mask containing moisturizing and cleansing agents will work wonders on your skin. Masks not only help cleanse and moisturize the skin, they also help to remove any trapped dirt and oils and dead skin cells. This ensures younger skin cells are exposed, helping you to look younger.

Just ten simple steps to your goal of clearer, younger looking skin. It only takes a small change in lifestyle and few beauty treatments at a beauty salon weekly and you will soon be seeing new, improved you.

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