Elliminate Cellulite Now

Elliminate Cellulite Now



legs in airI think we can all say that cellulite is one of those things we don’t want and would certainly rather get rid of to help you look younger. Cellulite is a condition that causes the skin to have an appearance of ripples underneath it. These ripples, according to experts, are the cause of fat cells lying under the skin getting larger and stretching the parts that hold skin to the tissue under it.

The following information is what experts, cosmetic companies and supplements companies want you to believe.

Experts will tell you the fat cells causing the cellulite is just fat, but, its fat the changes the skins appearance. it is the separate sections  of fat cells that increase in size to produce that rippled skin.

Why is it more prevalent in women than men?

Women have it tough and more cellulite is just another thing to add to the list. The reason women cop for cellulite more often is due to way the layers that hold the fat cells are formed. A womans cells are vertical which mean the fat cells bulge out easily. Mens cells are formed in a diagonal and along with having thicker skin, the bulging isn’t so pronounced.

Of course, there are other reasons for cellulite to form like a bad diet and circulation and levels of estrogen which effects cells that hold fat.

What can you do to help fight off cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin condition but as we have seen, it is also related to fat cells. If your diet is poor and you are overweight then changing your diet and losing weight will help shrink the fat cells and therefore reduce the appearance of cellulite. Battling cellulite requires both reducing the size of the fat cells and strengthening the skin in the effected area. When bathing or showering use a cloth to massage the cellulite area. You need to use circular motions and a vertical motion as this will help improve circulation and remove toxins from the tissues around the cells of fat.

You could try to brush your skin a couple of times a day. Brushing the skin is kind of like an exercise for the skin which helps by strengthening the under layers and increasing blood flow which in turn helps with the repair and growth of skin tissue. Brushing your skin all over is great for it but for areas that are effected by cellulite the stimulation makes for even better results.

Cellulite can also be triggered by the use of birth control pills and hormone cellulitereplacement therapy. These pills produce quite a high level of estrogen and this inturn will increase tissues storage of fats which causes a bulge and the formation of cellulite. If you can, it is a good idea to use a lower estrogen level equivalent of the pills.

There are some everyday and lifestyle changes that will also help in your quest to beat cellulite. When you are seated, try not to cross your legs as this will reduce your circulation. Moving often also helps so try not to sit or stand in one place for a long period of time. Another way of improving circulation and therefore cellulite is exercise. It not only helps to reduce fat cells but also remove toxins from the skin.

If you have never tried a body wrap then these are a good way to fight cellulite. Body wraps work by combining minerlas and herbs which help to encourage the reduction of fat in cells. They will also reduce skin swelling by absorbing toxins. Cosmetic clays are applied to wraps which are then applied to the skin which help with the fat burning process.

Massage is another great way to reduce cellulite but it should be of the kind that improves lymph flow. For alot of us, regular massages are beyond our budget so a home massager is a great investment. You want to try and find one that provides heat, massage and suction.

There are some supplements and creams that will help remove that unwanted cellulite. Supplements with ingredients such as  Alfalfa and Kelp are supposed to help in the reduction of cellulite but they don’t!! Do not make my mistake and get caught up in the pills and creams hype.  All the pills and creams you can buy which can run into hundreds of pounds don’t work. Big companies sell pills and creams as the next big thing to fight cellulite but these do nothing, don’t waste your money!

The techniques such as massage and wraps may well help alittle but it will take a very long time and if you are anything like me, you would have given up before they start doing any good.

If you want to try something fresh, that doesn’t want to rip you off and will remove you cellulite quicker and better than any other method then try this cellulite cure recommended by Beauty Salons Cornwall.


Cellulite: The Natural Cure
Don’t continue to suffer, be proud of your body and remove your cellulite for good.


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