Advice On Ageing Beautifully

Advice On Ageing Beautifully



illustrationOne thing we can not stop is growing old and we all want to maintain our beauty as we grow old. Our body and skin gets some kind of abuse almost every day, whether it be through polution, UV rays, bad diet, stress or long work hours. To combat this attack on the skin we need to find ways to counteract it and think about how we go about our lives.

As well as some great anti ageing products on the market that will help your skin age better you can also change a little in your lifestyle to give beauty at a later age a great boost.

The first thing you should consider is very important and unfortunately many people ignore this. The suns UV rays are very powerful and can do a great deal of damage to the skin. Many of us like to get out and enjoy the sun, especially after a  harsh winter but if you must go out, try to avoid the very hot times of the day which would be between ten and four.

It is great to relax and sunbathe but this is doing damage to your skin so go out at the right times and use a good sun protection with added moisturiser if possible. Best of all sit or lie in the shade or at least cover up in some way under an umbrella, for instance.

Remember, the sun does not have to be totally out and blazing for your skin to feel the effects of UV rays so care is needed in almost all weathers.

Another thing the hurts the skin is smoking. It will cause wrinkles and make it look dull as oxygen in the blood is sapped way.

Eating a good diet will also help the skin to age well. When fruit and vegetables are consumed the many vitamins will be great for the skin.

Sleeping is important as it allows the skin to recuperate and helps you to relax and all of this helps maintain the skin.

Be careful of the products you use on your skin and check the quality. Poor cosmetics may leave your skin in a vulnerable condition and break down its immunity so check what you are putting on your skin, or ask for some beauty advice.



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