Eye Makeup Advice

Eye Makeup Advice




What is the first thing you notice on a persons face? Most people at beauty salons in cornwall will say the eyes. Eyes need to be made up with care and attention paid to the colour, choice of eyeshadow and its application.

The primary purpose of applying eye makeup should be to make your eyes look as bright as possible. When you are putting on your eye makeup, a type should be chosen that will allow your eyes to stand out the most compared to your other facial features. This is accomplished by choosing the colours and blend of eyeshadow that are right for your eyes.

When it comes to choosing the correct colour, you should be choosing an eyeshadow that will match your eye colour or be in contrast to it. This will provide you with a good variety of combinations so you will not have to use the same colours over and over without worrying about only having one perfect combination. For example, if you have blue eyes, then a blue eyeshadow will look great. For eyes that are of a brown colour, a brown or goldenish eyeshadow will work well. However, if you have brown eyes, a blue eyeshadow would be a great contrast to them and provide the brightness you should be looking for.

Another aspect of eyeshadow is shades. You need to have three colours for the eyes and the secret to them looking good is the blend these three colours so they work with each other. An example of colours would be taupe or similar light colour, the crease in your eyes would then be of a darker highlighter with the main eyelid colour being a shade lighter than the highlighter.

Your eye makeup will usually be applied after you have put your foundation on. You should make a habit of applying your makeup from the eyes down. It is a good idea to put eye cream on your lids first, the reason being to protect the sensitive skin that is the eyelids. A good tip is to follow the cream up with alittle foundation which will help your eyeshadow last for longer.

Once your foundation is on, you will want to apply the base colour of your eyeshadow ensuring you shadowput it on the whole lid and over the bone of the brow. Following the base, add the main eyelid colour you will be using. The next stage is to put on your highlighter. Make sure you apply your highlighter to the outer edges of your eyes and not on the brow bone as this can make your eyes look too large. Remember to smoothly blend the three shades of eyeshadow.

Now the eyeshadow is on, you can begin adding all the other parts of your eye makeup. Eyebrows should not be left out when it comes to makeup as your eyebrows can add abit of character to your eyes. This can be done by brushing them and then shaping them with a sharp eyeliner of a colour that will match the shade of your mascara.

When it comes to eyelashes, its all about the mascara. Start by curling your eyelashes before you apply your eyeshadow so as not to ruin your eyeshadow. Make sure you put the right amount of mascara on by wiping away any excess from the applicator before applying it otherwise your lashes may clump together. Ensure you use either smudge or waterproof mascara to protect it from running and for the final touch, add some eyeliner to your eyelids, just below the lashes.

Extra additions to your eye makeup include shimmer which can help your eyes look brighter. However, if you have wrinkles, be careful when using shimmer as it could bring them out more than you would like. Another way of brightening your eyes is by drawing a couple of dots onto the inner edge of your eyes with some white eyeliner.

Your eye makeup should also go well with your other makeup. For example, if you are wearing a very bright lipstick, try to tone down the colours used for your eye makeup. Everything item and feature of you makeup should compliment the other.

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