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beauty salons cornwallThis article is for those of you thinking of headling to a beauty salon and wonder what services are on offer followed by the various methods of hair removal. You may be wanting a hair cut, a manicure or pedicure or just to pamper yourself with a relaxing head massage.

You may be wondering to yourself, what shall I have done and what different procedures are available from salons?

We provide many different services and although you may think these will be the same they do vary from salon to salon. You may even be thinking, do I have time to go? I want to outline afew of the services that are available and also to show you that booking an appointment and visiting your salon makes for a better decision.

One of the most popular and common services you will visit a beauty salon for is a hair cut. A hair cut is offered by most beauty salons although you will need to check as many specialise in other areas. A hair dresser can offer you a quick trim, dye, shampoo and cut, styling, highlighting, restyle and many others. The majority of beauty salons who offer this service will also provide hair cuts for special events such as weddings.

Remember, it is important for you to maintain your hair regularly as this, in the long run, can save you time.

If you let that time between haircuts go for too long, the day will come when you stand infront of the mirror one morning with hair that does not want to play ball. After an hour or two of trying to force your hair into the style you want, you realise you deperately need a hair dresser and we all know finding one at the last minute can be quite a task. Now, if you had only kept up with your appointments, the efforts and time of trying to style your hair and find a hair dresser at the last minute would have been saved. You have to remember a regular appointment helps your stylist keep your hair in top condition and it will take less effort to keep it that way.

Another reason you may wish to visit your salon is for skincare.

In recent years tanning beds and now, the far safer, spray tanning has become very popular. There afew places in Cornwall. Although there are tanning shops concentrating on this side of beauty, many other salons will also provide the service. There are many other skincare treatments like facials and professional make up.

Nail Salons have increased quite rapidly as this service has become more popular. You can find dedicated nail bars but the majority of beauty salons do this. Nail care services include manicure and pedicure, french manicure, nail painting, false nails, acryllics and gels and many other nail related arts available. This is a service that is ever evolving with new trends emerging regularly.

Hair removal is another reason for a trip to a salon.

There are various methods for hair removal ( for more read below) with waxing being popular. You may want you legs waxed, or your bikini area, your face or your eye brows. There is a better form of hair removal which is not practiced in many establishments. There are not that many salons that do threading and if you can find someone that will do eye brow threading then you have struck gold. Threading is a method far better than waxing at removing unwanted hair.

Last but, by not all means least we have massage. There are many different styles of massages available and you should definitely check the prices. I personally enjoy a head massage and you can find many who will perform a great Indian head massage.

If you want to know exactly which salon performs what services or want beauty advice then give them a call.


What are the various methods of hair removal?

Hair removal can be a painful process leaving rashes and sores so knowing the various ways and procedures can be very benificial to you. Here is a list of the common ones available to you with threading and waxing available at our beauty salon.

1. Threading: This originated in the east and works by plucking hair at the follicle level. Using this method, it is possible to remove a row of hair which leaves straighter lines if desired. The advantage of threading is that it can easily remove very fine hair with leaving the redness some methods can. Hair that has been threaded also regrows very finely and gets finer each time it is threaded.

2. Waxing: I think most of us are familiar with waxing. A, usually warm, wax is applied to your skin and then a strip of cloth is applied to the wax quickly pulled off. This takes the hair and the root. Wax kits can be bought for the home but is best done at a salon. Waxing is quite long lasting and leaves the area smooth, however some people are prone to rashes and inflammation in the treated area.

3. Plucking: Using tweezers to pluck out hairs can be effective but time consuming. The cost is very little and it can last between 3 and 5 weeks. This process can be quite painful and you may can some red bumps in the plucked area.

4. Shaving: This is a very inexpensive method of hair removal. You will, obviously, need a razor and this can one with a disposable blade or an electric one and some kind of shaving foam or gel. If you are shaving you are more than likely to do it yourself and needs to be done fairly regularly. Some people are more sensitive to shaving than others and suffer from rash and burns and you may one to consider some after care cream for the shaved area.

5. Electrolysis: This method requires a visit to a salon to visit a professional electrologist. The electrologist will insert a needle into your hair follicle and send an electric current through it to kill the hair at the root. For this process you would need to attend several appointments as it is a long procedure which can take between four and ten hours just for an upper lip area. The advantage of the method is that it is permanent, however, as you can see it is time consuming, expensive and can be quite painful leaving you with dry skin, scabs and inflammation.

6. Laser: To have this done you would need to see someone who specialises in this. The process involves directing a laser through your skin to the hair follicle so that it will stop any growth. Having this done can last up to six months but is quite expensive. It works best for those of you with a light skin and dark hair as the hair can absorb more of the light.

7. Depilatories: These are hair removal creams and liquids. This a simple method and can be done by yourself rather than visiting anyone. They work be removing the hair from the skins surface by reacting with the hairs protein structure which in turn dissolves the hair which can then be wiped away. These creams are widely available and are fairly inexpensive, athough ones such as NoNo can be more. They are used for your legs, underarms and bikini areas. Be warned, they can have quite a bad smell and some people suffer from an alergic reaction to them which could cause a rash.

8. Prescription medicine: You can get medical creams on prescription which work on the same basis as those above. There are also antiandrogen prescriptions that reduce the appearance of hair growth. At beauty salons cornwall we do not provide any more information about this, consult your Doctor.

Hair removal is a personal choice but practiced by the majority. Everyone has their favourite method but be reading this you may be tempted to give other methods a go.

We provide some key services at great value. If you require any beauty information then give us a call.


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