Moisturise To Improve Your Skin



moistureThe skin can become damaged due to a number of reasons and needs to be protected. Before we look into what protection you should be giving it, it is important to know what things damage it to start with.

The suns UV rays can be very damaging and harmful to your skin and greatly effect your skin care. If the skin is exposed to years of ultra violet rays it will age the skin prematurely. When the sun is at its peak, a hat with a good brim that shades your face will be a good idea. As a further step to beat the suns element, start using a good anti ageing cream with a good SPF along with an eye cream and you will be protecting your skin from ageing and moisturising which will help the skin remain hydrated and radiant.

If you are a smoker or in contact with smoke then you are in an environment that will age your skin prematurely. Smoking effects the vitamin C in your skin and a lot of nutrition will be lost. No longer subjecting your skin to smoke will be a huge step in helping your skin.

Dry skin can be quite a problem for many people and to counteract this a good natural moisturiser should be used to counteract it and possibly an anti wrinkle cream as dry skin can make wrinkles look more defined.

If you suffer from overly sensitive skin it can occasionally look quite bad and show up as rashes. If they get very bad then its worth consulting with a professional but the first thing to try again is a good moisturiser, it works wonders for many skin conditions.

A good moisturiser has so many benefits, it is a product that must be in your beauty collection at all times. As well as helping with all of the above, it can also help with eczema. Although it carries many benefits, don’t forget the natural every day care your skin needs such as getting the right amount of sleep which allows the skin to regenerate. Ask at your salon or our beauty salon in Cornwall for beauty advice.



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