Nail Salon Trends

Nail Salon Trends



varnishThe beauty industry is a very dynamic industry with changes coming almost every day, especially as people get more and more creative. Innovations made in the salon environment soon spread until they have become widely adapted for treatments to skin and nails

Nails are an essential part of a woman appearance and is one part of the body that can be seen by everyone, whether just walking in the street, at a party. Whatever the occasion, nails should be immaculate and looklike they have been properly take care of.

There are many styles and colours when it comes to nails, some individuals like to be alittle more discreet and others flashy and outrageous. Your nails should match the overall style you are heading towards and compliment your clothing and makeup.

There are many current nail fashion trends available for all styles, here are afew –


This type of design involves enhancing weak nails that are prone to breaking quite often. It is not advised to try applying these type of artificial nails by yourself at home as the nails can very easily be damaged. You should try and use only reputable brands of acrylic nails as recommended by your salon. Try to seek out a good technician for this process as it does require some skill to mount the acrylic nail on top of the natural nails. Once the paste has been applied, it is not long before it hardens, roughly around ten minutes.


This is a type of nail varnish that will last longer than a normal one and can last approximately two weeks. It is a type of hard, glossy wearing varnish. This varnish has a variety of finishes such as crème, metallic or even pearl. The advantage is that there can’t be any damage caused and one can easily re-apply and it is also generally safe. Shellac nails are scratch and wear resistant with a similar finish of traditional type of polish. It should be applied carefully layer after layer for awesome results.


This type of nail design can include those such as metallic or even animal print nails. Of course,bottle Minx nails are not just restricted to these designs, there is a wide variety available..Minx nails tend to be of a very high shine and so stand out well making them a great choice. The process involves the application of fashionable designs of nail art onto natural nails. It is also possible to get customized types of prints .Minx nails are best done in the salon by a professional who is familiar with the procedure. The nails should be well groomed through processes such as shaping, buffering and then there is application of a type of nail dehydrator to help the minx to stick after being placed on the nails.

Nail wraps

Another type of nail are is nail wraps. First the nails are prepared, by filing, shaping etc. Once the nails are ready the wrap is applied with pressure from the technicians fingers and thumbs. The edges will then by filed to remove any excess and untidy areas. There are a variety of wraps available including platinum and gold designs. With creativity and thought, there are endless designs that can be created.

It is important to keep your nails in a healthy condition and this can be achieved through eating the right diet and ensuring the right nutrients, such as zinc and iron minerals are consumed.

There are many popular nail salon fashion trends and a huge variety of techniques and varnishes available. A very well know one would be a French Manicure but there are hundreds of others, such as leopard print, polka dot or even newspaper nail varnish. Nail Salon trends will be ever evolving with new ideas coming to the market daily.

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