Beauty Salons Cornwall – 10 Secrets To Looking Younger

Beauty Salons Cornwall – 10 Secrets To Looking Younger

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How much time, money and effort do we spend in trying to maintain our youthful look? For centries men and women all over the planet have searched and tried numerous ways to master the art of looking young.

Although none of us can stop the process of aging we can find ways of slowing it down and helping our bodies maintain that ever import look of youth.

Lets cut to the chase and get to those secrets… but are they secrets or just common sense?

1.  Make sure you exercise!  Yes exercise. Any kind of exercise is good exercise if you don’t do any at all at present. Remember if you are not uses to exercise its always good to consult a doctor first and start slowly.  There is a danger of starting and overdoing it. A good idea is to start with little, easy exercise such as walking and perhaps working up to alittle more intense exercise. The benefit of regular exercise is how you feel about yourself, how much happier you feel, you start feeling more energetic which in its self helps even more. Exercise helps the skin, muscle and bone, so don’t hesitate, get started.

2. Active Life! This goes hand in hand with exercise. Any activity can be good for your health and those people who are of an older age will benefit from increased memory also.

3. Diet! A healthy diet goes along way.  Eating healthy food every day helps get fit. You know the old saying, you are what you eat. it really does count for alot. Eating well every day gives you more energy, you feel much better in yourself and it can help you look younger.

4. Detoxing! This is the proces of removing the toxins from the body. Our body will do this naturally every day but we are constantly exposed to all sorts of polutants in the air and from our food. Spending the day just drinking water is a great way to detoxicate but if this is alittle extreme try just eating fruit or veg for the day.

5. Performance! Take a look at yourself and where you want to be. Are you happy with your body weight? Do you need a new hair style? manicure? Try to fix anything you are not happy with as happiness obviously makes you feel better about yourself.

6. Sleep! Sleep is very important, many people don’t realise just how important. You need to make sure you are getting at least 6 – 8 hours per day. Sleep will help renew old cells, including the skin. Exercise and a healthy diet will help you sleep better.

7. Social Life! What does a happy social life provide you with? Obviously, it makes you feel happier and this in turn helps you look younger.

8. Be Positive! The power of the mind is a wonderful thing. Don’t you think a positive outlook to feeling younger is going to help you more than feeling depressed and negative about everything?

9. Relaxation! Stress ages the face a great deal. The more relaxed you can be the younger your face will look. Its important to learn how to cope with stressful situations better and stay more relaxed.

10. Medical Check up! Our bodies need maintainance occasionally. Thats the little bit of extra attention and care we sometimes neglect to give it. A medical check up can recognise future problems before anything more serious arises.

 There we have it, not so much secrets, more common sense that we all know but fail to put into practice.

How many of these can you say you honestly practice? one or two? maybe none of them.

It’s time to change and lets start by getting on with step one…. the future younger you is just around the corner, contact us for more beauty information.

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